Tips for the Modern Recruiter

Traditional recruiting approaches are slowly becoming obsolete as the information age picks up steam. Times are changing and we cannot sit idly by as it passes by us.

Recruiting used to be as easy as posting a job opening in a leading broadsheet. Now, things are a little bit more complicated. Employers compete over who has the better policies, benefits and so on. Job seekers see this and are taking advantage, especially in fields that require specialized skills. The competition is cutthroat, how are you going to succeed?

You want to hire skilled and knowledgeable workers, and ideally, avoid desperate slackers. Which hiring rules you should start reconsidering? Here are a few:

  • Three-shortlisted candidate rule. Chances are, by the time you get your second or third candidate; your first candidate will be long gone.
  • If your budget only covers newspaper or job portal ads, you’ll be casting too small a net. Diversify your net, social media and other internet sites are slowly becoming the go-to of top recruiters.
  • If you won’t consider interview schedules that are outside office hours or offsite, you might lose a potentially great candidate who is currently working really hard and doing his/her best not to let her job exploration get in the way of his/her current responsibilities. We all need to learn flexibility especially when trends quickly change without any warning.

And because today’s topic focuses on resourcefulness, here are some of the things you need to learn how to do as a recruiter:

  • Take advantage of Social Media to attract candidates. The power of social media is staggering, learn how to use this tool and you’ll be one step closer to recruiting success.

  • Expand your social capital by connecting to as many people who can help you locate the best candidates as possible. Looking for candidates is like the lottery, it’s a numbers game. The more people you contact, the more chances of winning.
  • Learn headhunting or collaborate with an established company that will do the headhunting for you.
  • Put together a killer referral program that would greatly incentivize people for pointing potential employees your way Here’s a good example (and one we currently use):

  • Learn to work with Marketing on how to build your employer brand because if you have great employer brand, it would be easier for candidates to consider exploring your organization.

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