April 17, 2017

Our HR Consulting Services


Facilitating Organizational Alignment

Organizational effectiveness is achieved when decisions are made in the most efficient ways and directions are carried out effectively throughout the organization. When actions do not betray stated organizational values or when problems are identified and solved at all levels in the organization, when expectations match performance, we can say that an organization and its people are aligned with its purpose.

Competency Mapping

Having a competency based HR system helps integrate all HR initiatives with the organization’s strategic direction. By mapping the employees competencies, HR is able to devise a mechanism for aligning recruitment, training, performance management, career and succession planning, etc. By establishing a clear line of sight between organizational direction and employee competencies, HR initiatives directed at enhancing these competencies clear places HR as a strategic partner to the rest of the organization. We at ExeQserve can help you facilitate a cost effective  competency mapping for your organization and come up with HR initiatives that maximize the use of your competency model.


ExeQserve HR Process Outsourcing

If your company does not have a strategically working HR Department and you want one, let us give you some good reasons why you should outsource to us.

When you outsource to us, you will have a pool of HR professionals help you cover all of you HR management and development needs at a fraction of the cost. We are able to do this because we leverage on the HR facilities we have in order to deliver our services to you. For example, our recruiters use our own facility and resources to help you find the people you need so that you don’t have to spend on screening and testing facilities.

ExeQserve Training Process Outsourcing

Do you recognize your employees’ training needs but do not have people in your organization who are qualified enough to handle the task of managing training?

ExeQserve can do it for you, We can serve as your training department. We have the experience and the tools to help you put together a human resource development program that your employees can really benefit from in terms of equipping them with some useful tools for improving their performance. We follow a framework that ensures learning does not end in the classroom. Talk to us about your training needs today so you can find out how we can help you make your training money go a long way.


ExeQserve HR Auditing Services

ExeQserve Human Resource (HR) Audit collects and evaluates information about the state of an organization’s HR practices and policies to determine the overall effectiveness of people management in the organization. We look at regulatory compliance, presence or absence of industry human resource management practices, and make recommendations on how the company can improve its human resource management practices.

Performance Management System Development and Implementation

The long term organizational health and success of your company depends not only on organizational strategies. It most importantly depends on people, people who are clear about their roles in the organization. People who are regularly apprised of their progress, offered support to improve their performance and incentivized to develop and exhibit desired competencies that lead to positive results. There should be tools that team leaders and managers can use to do all these. The purpose of this proposal is to offer the organization’s team leaders and managers the very tools they need to manage employees’ performance in order to help them achieve their performance goals.

Our goal is to develop a holistic performance management system that covers planning, monitoring, developing, appraising and instituting rewards and recognition schemes.