April 19, 2017

ExeQserve HR Auditing Services

The state of an organization’s HR practices and policies determine the overall effectiveness of people management in the organization

HR Auditing

ExeQserve Human Resource (HR) Audit collects and evaluates information about the state of an organization’s HR practices and policies to determine the overall effectiveness of people management in the organization. We look at regulatory compliance, presence or absence of industry human resource management practices, and make recommendations on how the company can improve its human resource management practices.

  • providing feedback on the value of the contribution of the HR function to the organization’s strategic business objectives;
  • assessing the quality of HR practices, policies and delivery;
  • reporting on extent of statutory HR compliance and remedial action required;
  • assessing HR and line management relationships and ways these can be improved;
  • setting guidelines for establishing HR performance standards; and
  • identifying areas for change and improvement with specific recommendations.

ExeQserve’s HR consultants are experienced professionals who objectively analyze the performance of the HR function and its impact on the organization’s performance.

The HR Audit focuses on the following elements of People Management:

  1. Legal compliance
  2. Compensation/Salary Administration
  3. Employment/Recruiting
  4. Orientation
  5. Terminations
  6. Training and Development
  7. Employee Relations
  8. Communications
  9. Files/Record Maintenance/Technology
  10. Policies and procedures (including employee handbook)
  1. Upon approval of agreement, ExeQserve shall send communication detailing all the needed information in the HR audit.
  2. An appointed consultant will visit the client site to inspect all documents and other aspects of operation that are related to HR management.
  3. Consultant submits a report at least a week after the audit detailing the findings and recommendations for action.
  4. Consultant holds a meeting with clients to discuss audit findings and recommendation.

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ExeQserve HR Auditing Services

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