Team Building. More fun in the Philippines!

HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS are competitive. They don’t back down on challenges. They surge forward, step up to the challenges and succeed.

What makes a high performance team is a common sense of purpose,  a clear set of rules of engagement and acceptance of the people who compose the team.
Team cohesiveness and alignment is a powerful competitive advantage for any organization.  Organization’s success is hinged on it. In order to  prepare the organization for success, it  needs to start with building a cohesive management team first.

Five fundamentals are important in building a cohesive and aligned team. These are ; trust, openness, commitment, accountability and focus on results. These team elements are critical to building a management team culture that employees can emulate and use as a model. We have designed a highly engaging team building workshop aimed at strengthening these team values and establishing rules of engagement for effective team collaboration.
In order to combine enhanced participants engagement and quality learning, this program divided the activities into two categories:

Team Challenges— The group will be divided to several competing teams who must outwit and outplay each other to earn points. The team/s with the highest score at the end of the game shall be declare the champions

Tribal Council—During these activities, participants will work on reflecting on learning acquired from the team challenges and identify applications to work as they pursue the organization’s goals and targets.

This workshop is sure to energize your team as they embark on working together to achieve a common goal.

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