The Right Fit

Workforce training is the first step toward industry success.  With the right materials and training, even the most inept employee can become the star player of an organization. The potential that is hidden in every employee is the reason why companies spend on training and workforce development. Employees are the lifeblood of a company and it just makes sense to enrich them and make their stay as pleasant as possible.

However, there is one thing that no amount of training can change, and that is suitability. What is suitability and how does it affect employee performance and longevity?

Put simply, suitability is being fit for a job; this does not talk about mere competencies or skills. Fitting for a job means having the right “internal wiring” for the tasks required of the position.

Things like: Temperament, Experiences, Personality, Interests, Work Ethic, Physiological Condition, and many other factors contribute to a prospective employee’s suitability. Being a wrong fit for the job may cause new hires to fail to meet performance expectations at best or disrupt the office setting at the worst.

There are more things to look out for besides skills, work experience, and educational background and interview criteria should be expanded so as to account for these factors.

Qualifications and skills can be taught; being fit for a job cannot.